Saturday, June 11, 2016

HP Joyful Top - again in ITY...

Yes, I'm being redundant! This post is fast on the heels of my last one, both featuring the Hot Patterns Joyful Top in ITY jersey.

I am a steadfast lover of ITY. I like the weight of the fabric, how well it sews with me, and I particularly like the way it just skims over lumps and bumps.

Other fabrics do this skimmy-shimmy thing, charmeuse comes to mind. But how hot is charmeuse! And finicky to sew.

I'll take ITY any time. Probably half of my dresses, at this moment, are ITY jersey.

And all of my extensive collection of Pattern Emporium Harem Pants and True Bias Hudson pants...I will admit to 8 pairs in the drawer. Speaking of which, ITY does not wrinkle - fold it up, roll it up, whatever. Great for travel...

So much for ITY.

I sewed this top right after I finished my pink floral version. I just adore this polka dotty print! It's from Fabric Mart, purchased some time last year. Like most fabrics from this retailer, it was here, then gone. I don't hesitate if I like something from Fabric Mart. I buy it - because it will soon disappear.

Unlike Fabric Fashions Club, where the selection drags on, year after year, the same thing...

Ummm, sorry FFC. I do buy on your site, but, could you please get some new ideas going...

Pants, True Bias Hudson Pants, ITY jersey from Fabric Mart

Back to this top. How cute. I wore this ensemble to a doctor's appointment yesterday, and was rewarded with lots of nice comments and looks. These pics were actually taken very quickly in the last 5 minutes I had, before going over to Cleveland Clinic.

As with my pink floral, last post, I cut this with a determined hi-low hem. And, more pics, this is such fun to wear...

You know, it's really hot here now, very humid and sticky. But this top is so easy to wear. I wouldn't spend the day in it out in the open, the park or Kennedy Space Center! But it's a perfect pairing for tooling around at my pace.

Parting shot:
Well, we're into the rainy season in south Florida. And some denizens of my garden think they would like to come inside out of the rain. Not! I very gently and generously place these little centipedes back outside. They're good for the soil, turning it over and fertilizing it as do the worms, and I think they prey on some insects that I definitely do not want hanging around...

Now, if he were an ant, it would be different. Home Defense Max to the max...

Ciao! Coco


  1. Love that top, and the fabric too! I wonder if that gentle neck ruffle would pump up my bosom at all? It can use all the encouragement it can get. Thanks for introducing me to this pattern!

  2. So pretty and so comfortable looking!

  3. Very pretty and just your style! BTW. I love your furniture.

  4. I see you took down your last post. I'm in the same boat. Blood levels are not the be all and end all. I had to have an uptake scan before my thyroid was correctly diagnosed. I had six growths in there! So removal. No more diets, the skin and digestive issues resolved, hair grew back. I'd o hope you've had this scan, otherwise, you'll treat symptoms, not causes. Best wishes for you!

  5. Another fun top! Thanks for the pattern in previous post, will have to give it a try. You look COOL in this top.

  6. Great top! I've got some ITY in my fabric collection, but have yet to ever sew with it. Glad to hear it's easy to work with. :)

  7. Thanks for your tip about making a muslin on the first post about this top. I can now understand how binding the neck makes for a much neater appearance. I may just take out the stitching (and understitching!) on the neck and bind the whole neck - front and back. Free-form sewing (no comprehensive instructions) can sometimes be fun, but not this time! Thanks again and have a great trip to see family.
    Sue in WA


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