Sunday, March 6, 2016

Wiksten tank top - in knits

Hi! And where have the last 4 weeks gone...I think this is the longest I've gone with writing about something. Honestly, I was a little off-put by having so many wadders in January, and time slipped by with little sewing.

But I generally spring back. I've been busy.

First, I assessed my wardrobe and now have a lot fewer things in the closet. After 4 years of sewing and blogging nonstop, I had way too many things in there. I was also tired of them! And having so many clothes was bugging me - I had a nagging feeling of guilt because most them were never worn after I blogged them.

Easy to correct - donation time. They'll be going to a women's closet organization in Ft. Myers that helps women in distress or in need of appropriate clothing for interviews, court appearances, etc.

Second, I turned to a TNT top that I just love, the Wiksten woven tank top. I had four pieces of cotton/rayon jersey from Girl Charlee's big Black Friday sale - about 2 yards of each, purchased for under $2.50/yard. It was time to revamp my Wiksten pattern for use with knits.

Last year I redrafted my Wiksten pattern to be a little longer (added 2") and a bit 'swingier' (moved the bottom side seams out 1").  This time around I just added the sleeve from a knit dress, Vogue 1315, cut to elbow length.

Worked great! This top is incredibly comfortable, and it's tunic length, which makes it perfect for jeans and leggings. Even better - I slept in the first one I made, and it was wrinkle-free in the morning. Wow. Nice fabric.

Other sewing notes:

  • As with every single garment I sew, I finished the shoulders with a flat-fell seam. This prevents any irritation from the seam and stabilizes it without bias tape or elastane.

  • This top could be sewn with a serger alone, but I always worry that a serged seam will stretch open a little bit with wear, exposing the stitches. So I sew my knit seams with a lightening stitch, and then serge/cut the seam allowances together.
  • And I cut my neckline banding across the width (across the stretch) of the fabric, rather than on the bias. I keep a basket of knit and woven scraps, pre-cut into binding widths. They come in so handy - I had a suitable color for each of these stripes.
I will say that the fabric has funky selvedges. But I cut them off before laying out the pattern, and the stripe matching was really easy.

Hope everyone is enjoying a nice weekend! Bye for now, Coco


  1. Love your tops and fabric choices.

  2. Such lovely tops - they look fabulous!

  3. I'm just starting on my knit journey - I can see I've a bit of catching up to do....
    Really like your 'new' pattern.

  4. I've eyed that Wiksten tank for years along with the Grainline Studio one. I have neither but I really should splurge on one of them at least. Love the knit ones Coco, such pretty colors.

  5. Fun and useful tops now you've cleared out your closet. Wiksten is a new pattern name for me so, checked it out. Wonder if you washed the fabric before construction. The top I made in late January of rayon/spandex knit jersey seemed to shrink some when I laundered it. So will go back to my old habit of washing fabrics first. Looking forward to your next project. Always a joy to get the notice you have posted something. THANKS!

  6. Hola! I was seriously considering purchasing the Wiksten tank pattern, but I wanted to double check for reviews on the pattern, and that is how I found your blog! And I am so excited that I did. I've read a bit of one of your other posts on the pattern in a woven fabric. I think I will go purchase the Wiksten Tank pattern now. I've been wanting to make a rayon challis tank for a few years now. I've also had my eye on a Grain​line Stud​io pattern - the 1100​2 Scou​t Wove​n Tee. Maybe I'll buy a few today ;) Ciao!

  7. Such pretty tops Coco! I am also happy to see someone else who does a flat fell seam at the shoulders. It works perfectly in most knits and I like the look of it. I agree with you about sewing and blogging...sometimes it is good to slow down and take a break.

  8. Love these! I need some knit tops and was looking through my patterns to see if I could make do with what I have. Hello Wiksten! Thank you for sharing. Off to make my own pattern a little swingier and sew up a couple.


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