Tuesday, September 15, 2015

More Harem Pants ... grrrr

Hi to all! Well, I was kind of saving these pants for Jungle January...but just can't do it. I need to get back to blogging, it's Sewing Month, and I've been living in my Pattern Emporium Harem pants since my surgery in August. So here's the pair no one has seen.

I am in love love love with this pattern. My original post, with lots of chat about the pattern options and what I ended up sewing, is here - two pairs, both in ITY knit.

And I wore another pair, in black ITY knit when I blogged my B5954 knit tops...

 So this makes 4 pairs! All but the black have a plain hem...the black has a cuff, because I hemmed them too short and needed to add length. And I love them with the cuff. Kind of sexy. Maybe I should add cuffs to this latest pair!

this pic is the 'real' color...bright purples and white

Purple and animal print, my fav's. 

The fabric is a heat-crinkled ITY from Fabric Mart, and it's definitely not an everyday ITY. At first it seemed somewhat stiff and weird.  But it softened up in the laundry, so I kept it. I'm glad I did. Sometimes it pays to be patient and see what happens.

I even managed to keep the animals pretty much under control, so I don't have a blaring target in the wrong places!

Where did my head go in these pics? Truthfully, I just got out of the shower. And I can't reach above my head to do my hair yet. No way am I going to post a pic of my wet head!

I have 3 more pieces of animal print fabric in my stash, ready for January. Fabric and patterns - my weakness (aside from coffee).

It's been a nice day. I started a Merchant & Mills Bantam Vest this morning. It's not a big project and will be finished soon. In a rambunctious purple print lawn fabric...

Bye for now! Coco


  1. Wow - you really are ready for Jungle January! Love these pants on you.

    1. Thanks so much, Martha - and for your nice comment on Sew Sensitive. Felt like a hug.

  2. You make happy pants!
    Will you make everything from the M&M workbook?

    1. Thanks, Ruth. Well, I'm not sure. I know the Curlew would not look good on me - you look great in it. I love the Bantam, now there's a repeater for you! Just finished my first, great top. So like the Heremere jacket...but where to wear it!

  3. Love all your pants & also the tops! Actually, I like just about everything you make :)

  4. Love the new purple pair of Harem pants! Perfect to recuperate in, easy and comfortable. I do love your colorful wardrobe!
    Just scrolled down to your previous post with the gauze baby blankets (I asked about your gauze source) and Ashley's dresses, which are wonderful, and noticed my comment didn't 'stick'. For some reason, Blogger does not play well with the iPhone and iPad for commenting. :( At the moment, I am on my laptop, but so often, I read blogs on my phone. Seems like that should be an easy fix for Blogger, right?


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    1. I am reporting you and your comments as spam.

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