Friday, August 9, 2013

Doing things that need to be done...

I've been so busy...and not with sewing. I finally accomplished some things that I've been putting off for a while.

The light fixture in my powder room fell from the wall 4 weeks ago. Actually, I caught it before it crashed. What a close call, it would have been such a mess.

After climbing up on the counter, undoing everything, and taping over the light switch, I just turned my back on the whole situation. Too much, not in the mood...

It's not easy to hang a light fixture by yourself! Even if you're the resident handyperson. But I did it. Flipped on the switch - and nothing happened. I could have cried. Of course I was so sure of my work that I had already put on the globes and everything. So off they came again. One of the wire caps was not on securely. Second time was a charm. I have light. What an exhausting project.

The next project was better, but still not my favorite thing to do. I had decided that the brown velvet curtains in my bedroom were showing age and were too dark for my current mood - I really had light on the brain!

But those curtains take some thought - I work hard to keep heat out of the house. Sheers just don't work, even with mini-blinds and sun-blocking shades.

Hats off to IKEA. I love these Merete curtains. They are a very heavy cotton twill. Perfect.

Bonus - I used 5 of the 6 panels and have enough leftover fabric to make a jeans jacket!

The biggest project of all is looming. I had two roofing companies come out to estimate a new tile roof. 

It's time - the roof is 22 years old and has several leaks over the garage. Even with repairs, it hasn't been the same since Hurricane Wilma in 2005. I accepted a proposal on Monday, and I've done the paperwork for my association. I guess the hard part is over - getting my head around spending so much money! 

Recovery - yesterday I cruised over to the library to look for some good books. I actually bought 6 books from the Friends of the Library shop, for $1 each. These are all titles I know I'll enjoy, and I can donate back any I decide not to keep. This was nice.

Hope everyone has a pleasant weekend. Ciao! Coco


  1. Coco, It was interesting to read about your daily, "real" life. I am impressed that you were able to chage out a whole fixture by yourself. Not only do I find that stuff confusing, but it's awkward to reach up and fiddle with tools. Good luck on your other gigantic project-the roof. You have some good reading material there!

    1. The roof - wish I could go away the day they shovel off the existing tiles and hammer down the new asphalt layer. A Tylenol day for sure. I don't share my daily life very much...your comment gave me pause :-) I could loosen up a bit!

  2. Aw, now I have more to envy- picturing you in your shadey tropical alcove with a good book. I need to get my 'retire to Florida' scheme set!


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