Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Saturday afternoon artist...

My grandson's hero. 

I'm heading up to Orlando at the end of the week to visit with my son, daughter-in-law, and my precious, magnificent, princely, most handsome, and brilliant... (ok :- he's my only grandchild)... grandson. He loves Spidey. At the age of three, it was Toy Story, but he's definitely moved on. Now four, he's into transformers, Ninja turtles, pirates, and Spiderman.

One thing I have learned in my short tenure as a grandmother. These little people do not have a lot of things crowding their brains - they remember everything. At Thanksgiving, DGS told me he would like a Spiderman cape and gloves that shot out strings of webs - could I make them please?

Oh. Spiderman does not wear a cape. Not even thinking about those gloves. So for Christmas I made him a wonderful Batman cape. His comment: "Gammi, it was supposed to be a Spiderman cape".

Pause for a pic of a Florida gator Spiderman - something I've kept in mind since Christmas:

Saturday afternoon and I'm an artist. Painting a spider.

I Googled and found that I am not alone - there is actually a consensus on what a Spiderman cape would look like, if Spiderman wore a cape. I am so laughing here. But it was very helpful!

Here is the topside of the  boy's cape, with the black spider painted in Tulip slick fabric

The cape lining will be black.

Needing to trump all other contestants, I also got him a 28" Spiderman action figure (no, not a doll, these are action figures. Barbie is a doll). 

Who will have his own cape, once painted with the reduced logo.

Tools: Paint, paper towels, paintbrush, and parchment paper under the fabric.

Credits to Georgia Leigh, who has a wonderful hero cape pattern, as well as lots of licensed super hero logo patterns for download.

I'll take pics, I'm so looking forward to this trip. After 2 years at St. Michael's Episcopal Church pre-school, DGS starts pre-kinder at Lake Highland Preparatory School on Wednesday. He should have so much to share by Friday. I'm so blessed.

Bye for now - Coco


  1. I lived through Toy Story and Thunderbirds - I even made Tracey Island when stocks were low one Christmas long ago with opening volcano tops and removable swimming pools! How time flies by - once they were small children and now-a-days taller than you! Sew what you can Coco, for the most precious of off-spring.

  2. What a good (and creative) grandmother you are! I hope your grandson loves his new cape:)

  3. Emmmm I know it's not Spiderman (been there,done that) but look at this -

  4. He will love this! Don't you just love being creative like this - he will be asking for special requests for years to come. Enjoy your trip...J

  5. LOL, well, as a little girl who grew up wanting and wearing cowgirl gear (and please let there be a pony in the garage Christmas morning), we do so appreciate enabling Grandmothers who sew and create. You sure you can't do those web shooting gloves? :)

  6. Coco, you have outdone yourself! Marvelous, and I love the doll,oops, action figure.

  7. That is so cute - he will love it

  8. I love special requests from little ones! I see a few capes in my worst request was for a Halloween costume for the Invisible Man. I'm fairly sure rotten parents put him up to it, but I do wish I'd sent an empty box.

  9. Wow, what fun! Everyone should have a super cape :)

  10. AWESOME!!! The spider turned out perfect!!!

  11. Thank you all for the compliments! The trip was great - the Spidey action figure was a huge hit! I'm exhausted...


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