Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy chaos has begun...the holidays!

I hardly know what to do next - I have projects all over the house and just love the way it feels.

The Anna Sui dress made its way downstairs and got buttons today. It's ready for a photo shoot, but it's currently taking up a chair...

I am redrafting a jacket on the living room floor because my worktable in the sewing room is covered with a pattern...

Wonderful new fabric arrived (last week) and made it from the box to the chair with the dress - not even close to the laundry!

And half my sofa is pins, miscellaneous, and a Regular Guy Beanie in progress (great pattern on Ravelry!)

I did have a Vogue blouse, 2 Grainline blouses, and a knit Vogue dress hanging on the back of the door to the garage, also pending a photo shoot. Finally just put them in my closet. Yea me!

All this is downstairs and I am laughing at myself because I'm usually so fussy about picking up things.

But not now. For now I'm just enjoying the fun of this joyous season.

Ciao! Coco


  1. ha ha a true artist, enjoy the chaos.

  2. Ok,I can't wait! Whats the yellow stripe for?? I'm also excited about the Anna Sui!!!

    1. Ah, the yellow stripe! From Girl Charlee (love it), she had it on pre-sale at a great price. It's for a Vogue cardigan that has about a hundred pieces so that I can go nutsy (nutsier...)matching the stripes :-)

  3. I see you sewing mojo has gotten a lift. Mine is getting there, too.

    1. Finally! so weird, I really did go through a bit of a slump, I've been knitting a lot meanwhile. And reading blogs!


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