Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More vrroooom - a new sewing machine!

From Amazon at a very decent price! 

Even the box is exciting...for the designer in me...professional features...

Lest anyone think I'm nuts to be buying a fourth machine (I have my Janome 8002D serger, IKEA SY, and my current little workhorse, my Brother CP6500), I really do have good reasons for this purchase...


All of this is already in the loft, just waiting for my attention. But I just cannot stitch knits on my CP6500. It does not have an adjustable pressure foot for starters. Did I consider getting a coverstitch machine instead? Not really, because the PC420 comes with features and accessories I really wanted:

A larger harp for machine quilting...much needed! I am inspired by Svetlana at s.o.t.a.k. handmade -  she does her beautiful quilting on her machine and has shared some techniques with me. I've been doing all of my quilting by hand, but want to try something new. The link is to her spools quilt - striking!

And a wider sewing bed...

Terrible photos...good thing the new machine has two LED lights :-) Other features that come with the machine/in the box:

  • hard cover
  • 294 stitches including gothic, script, and outline fonts
  • decorative stitches can be combined, mirrored, and resized, density is adjustable - and can be saved as a custom stitch 
  • backlit LCD screen
  • pressure foot knee lifter
  • programmable custom stitch setting
  • adjustable pressure foot and feed dogs
  • manual and automatic thread cutters
  • 13 pressure feet!

I am very very excited to have this new girl. Today I am finishing a dress on my CP6500, will clean it very well, pat it, and put on its dust cover.

Then off to practice on old tee shirts - while I think about which dress first! Coco

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