Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ft. Myers journal


I can hardly believe that I've been here six days! Here are the beautiful girls I'm visiting while my daughter and her companion are in San Diego for Comic-Con.

Both are long-hair tortoiseshell cats. And have those yellow/gold eyes. Really pretty.


They've been very helpful, particularly Nikita, who rearranges my serger thread for me every night and at least once a day. Callisto has hardly left my side, but is content to watch, no technical assistance from this one! 

Friday was their first birthday, so I gave them the most exotic sounding food in the cupboard. Meow Mix chicken with shrimp. Yum. I mean, gone in 60 seconds...I felt kind of bad I did not have ice cream and cake!

Hungry! I also met a girl friend for dinner one night at Joe's Crab Shack. Such good seafood and great atmosphere. 

And what would my week be without a little fabric shopping :-) Ft. Myers has a really nice Holly Lobby not far from my daughter's home in Gateway. I had a blast -  managed to buy 23 yards of fabric, new dressmaking shears, thread, a cute tape measure, and nice seam ripper.

The calico 'wall' of ditsies, tonals, and blends is good and similar to JoAnns. But the calico selection on the floor is different. So many interesting prints, arranged by color, and easy to shop with the bolts at table level. They also have a decent selection of solid broadcloth, canvas, duck cloth, and denim. Had to wrench myself away...I can always go back, right?

 Home on Tuesday, lots of projects to share - Ciao! Coco  


  1. The fact that your daughter and her companion are at Comic Con caught my eye. Any idea how they got tickets? They sold out in TWO MINUTES this year. My husband and daughter really want to go.

    Great fabric haul!

    1. Hi! As I recall it was a very nervous night that involved being on hold for HOURS once they got a place in line on the phone! Then they were on the phone booking a hotel room across the street at the Hilton asap as well. Whew. Then venue tickets! They do a bunch of xxx-Cons. Do your daughter and husband as well? I will ask if there is any special approach to the ticket thing, they get home tomorrow night :-)

    2. Ah - more info! The tickets were sold an online site beginning at a specific time. Trick was to get onto the site. DD got on after 29 seconds of click/erase/paste url - click/erase/paste url - was 4000th in line for tickets. Wow.

  2. Have fun kitty sitting...and fabric shopping :-) I have never been to Florida but would love to visit.

    1. Thank you, Mary. It's so far away...I've never been to the northwest either, but was born in California, Navy child. I never thought I would like Florida, came under protest in 1978, then fell in love with the sky, open prairies, birds, plants, the way the air feels, all the water - To me Florida is lyrical.


I love it that you came by...and thank you for your comments! Coco