Monday, August 15, 2016

A balancing act...

Balancing. No, not my life - my dress!

In my original post of this dress, I was contemplating those sleeves. They just seemed a little too much for the dress. And I suggested that I might rework them.

But I didn't - instead I added a waistline feature to offset the sleeves, and, as it happens, bring some interest to the front of the dress.

This didn't happen overnight - I tried on the dress a couple times, fiddled with the sleeves. Nope. Nothing. Thought about ditching it! It kind of had me at a stopping place with my sewing. Thank goodness, somewhere around midnight Saturday, the idea of a tie hit me.

Lots of seam ripping, draping, messing around, removal of elastic in the front waistband, and re-sewing later...a tie I really like! The basics of the tie pattern:

The wide end is placed in the side seam, with 1 3/4" above the waistline seam, and 1" or so below it. And I added a 'preventer' belt loop at center front to keep the knot in place.


 I'm super happy with the result...

So now I can think of my next project. Actually, I might try a tie on this dress, which has been hanging in the loft, taunting me since I disparaged it.

What is it with me and tie-front dresses this month? If someone would just create a pattern for the Mociun dress, I wouldn't have these challenges!

Parting shots: I finished my T-Shirt Graffiti pen escapade with my Willow tank, Washed and dried, pretty nice for a first attempt with these fabric pens.

And Monday, Monday. I started the day with a 3-hour wait at my Honda place, while they replaced an air-bag that's been recalled. I almost finished this Felicity slouchy hat. I love love this pattern by Wanett Clyde. Check out those crystal polo beads, totally inspired by Roobeedoo's beaded Amulet shawl, which is absolutely stunning.

Ciao! Coco


  1. The tie just finishes it off,Coco! A classic kimono shape which is SO elegant. Love the vest too!

  2. I like the ties, Coco, great idea. I am impressed with the tank, too and want to say you have been very busy.

  3. Great comeback. The tie is a perfect solution. Thanks for your inspiration.

  4. I like the tie and that clever loop too! The slouchy hat will be super cute! :)

  5. I love the tie-->genius solution.

  6. The tie makes it even more kimono like. Perfect.


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