Sunday, February 7, 2016

Simplicity 5314 - my TNT robe...

Oh gosh, it's been a little chilly here in Florida! I know a lot of you are laughing now - but 40 degrees F. is on the cool side for the sub-tropics. Time for a new robe, one of my favorite sewing projects. In the last four years, I've made 3 for my daughter, one for my grandson, one for Mom, and 4 for my greedy self.

I keep several kimono-style robes on a hook in the bathroom, a hooded purple fleece robe from Long Tall Sally in the bedroom (my splurge robe), and a long black one, made in 2013, near the front door.

The black one, which I fashioned after the iconic Calvin Klein knit robe, is for answering the door, getting the mail, putting out the trash bins. I want my neighbors to think I dress like this all the time, instead of in mismatched pj's and knee socks.

A note: I collect knee socks. All kinds of patterns and stripes. I find them irresistible.

Back to the robe: My TNT kimono pattern is Simplicity 5314, a unisex collection of PJ bottoms and robes. These are great basic patterns and include sizes S through the rare XXXL. At 5'7" and size 10-12 in Big 4 patterns, I wear the Small.

The one thing I always change on the robe is the pockets. I use great big patch pockets instead of the smaller inseam variety in the pattern.

Fabric - Calla Green Cozy Flannel, JoAnns

I start the pocket with a 10" x 9" rectangle, and end up with something around 8" square. And I attach the outside edge of the pocket in the side seam, about 3.5" below the belt loop.

Basted and ready to be topstitched.

If I attach the pocket with a single line of topstitching, I run a notch of reinforcement stitches in the upper corner.

Which reminds me of a question asked often on PR - should hidden seam allowances be finished? My vote: yes. For instance, flannel is very loosely woven and ravels in an instant with handling. If left unfinished, the insides of these pockets wouldn't hold up well with use and laundering. So I serged all the inside edges of the pockets before I sewed them. Takes about 5 seconds.

The big reveal - yes, I have legs, but they're not often seen given my penchant for maxi's and pants :-)

I had just enough left-over fabric to make a pair of PJ shorts, also in size Small. I love them! The fit is great, and they're super easy and fast to make.

Parting shot: I'm still knitting socks (soon to be blogged). A peek at the only two matching socks so far. Tube socks of course!

Ciao! Coco


  1. That's a pretty cute rode and I love the color. I use a McCalls pattern for a robe too, but it's a coat pattern. Robes with ties just don't work for me. I use snaps and a straight coat type instead of a cross-over/wrap type robe. Cute socks. Wool or cotton or ?

    1. Thanks, Theresa. Ashley loves her coat-style robe, and I think I would like one also - but I'm always kind of in between changes and trying on something. The belt works, fast :-)

      The socks are Patons Kroy Ragg, self-striping, wool with a bit of nylon. They feel pretty good and are meant to be house socks. I was afraid the wool might bother me, but so far, OK. Maybe because the yarn is so twisted v.s. wool fabric - which I cannot wear.

  2. Yes! do a new robe! It really is like taking a breather from more 'serious' things. This new one is in anticipation of my other, loved, favorite flannel robe is going to fall apart really gets worn and the flannel is getting thin. sob. sigh.


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