Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Knitting... the cardigan grows

Quick Sand by Heidi Kirrmaier

I've been off my sewing game lately - lots of wadders and use of my ripper. So I've retreated to the living room and have been reading and knitting instead. The Quick Sand Cardigan has really grown. I have only 12 more rows to do on the body, then I can move on to the sleeves. I get so impatient to start a new area! sometimes I cheat, slip stitches on a yarn scrap and move on to some other part. Then come back to finish the unfinished.

That's one of the nice things about knitting top-down.

I love my knitting basket! It was a touching gift from my daughter-in-law. It's a Vera Bradley beach bag, but has never seen the beach. It's perfect for holding a knitting project, yarn, instructions, and so on. And it looks so nice.

To go with, my knitting bag - where I keep all my tools of the trade. 

I designed and made it a couple years ago - literally stopped in the middle of a project and got it done. I'm kind of obsessive about storage and organization, and having my needles and little things in a drawer was driving me nuts.

When it's tied, the bag is about 9.5" x 13". The ties are secured to the bag, wrap around it, and keep it all nice and closed.

When opened, the front outside wall has 11 slots that hold all my double-point needles, a pair of embroidery scissors, and a pencil. And there's one empty slot - I used to keep my crochet needles in there, but they slip out really easily. So I keep them in a zippered pocket in the knitting basket now. I have size 4 through size 10 DPN's - that's enough! If I do socks, it will be on 2 circular needles. Knitting in the round on DPN's is not my favorite thing to do...pretty much limited to caps and the thumbs on mittens.

Behind the front wall, on the inside, are two 'hanging' pouches with 12" zippers, perfect for storing my circular needles (by size of course, 16" or less, and longer than 16"). The pouches are only attached to the side seams of the bag.

I have lots and lots of circular needles, because I don't knit on straight needles that are over 10" long. But circular needles can be so unruly! It's nice to contain and tame them.

My straight needles live in the bottom of the bag. There's lots of room in there, and 10" needles fit perfectly.

The back inside wall has a fixed 12" zippered pocket, home to all the small stuff that tends to disappear like socks in the dryer - markers, yarn needles, cable holders, needle point guards, etc.

And the front inside wall has an open pocket, where I keep a small memo pad for notes, my needle template, and a small measuring tape.

Closed and tied, the back view:

So - do you have a favorite way to tame your knitting!?

I'm keeping my update notes for the Quick Sand Cardigan in my Ravelry project files...

Ciao! Coco


  1. I can see why you wanted to stop all projects & get that bag done, it is beautiful! I do that too sometimes if there's something I really wantta get done I just make myslf do it


    1. Thanks, Helen. I just hopped over to your cooking blog, read about all your picking and canning, and now I'm starving for homemade pies and cobbler! When my kids were little ones, we lived in the mountains of Virginia, had a big garden, and I canned and froze and canned and froze all summer long! Love how it all looks in the cellar. You got so many blueberries!

  2. I'd buy a pattern from you if you're ever inclined in that direction.


    1. Thank you, Dona. I've often thought of doing patterns for small soft projects - I used to go round to bazaars and special events and sell my crafts for charity. But I think I enjoy the lack of pressure too much to do it again or to get into patterns now :-)

  3. Love the pattern and love the project bags!

  4. Coco, you are so productive with your garments, I am surprised you even have time for wadders! Anyway, I do not knit or crochet, but my sister does lovely work. That jacket is right up my alley, perhaps I'll request her to make me one! I always enjoy your posts, I am a woman of a certain age who still loves to sew and loves fashion. I think you are a very cool lady! You remain my inspiration!

    1. Loretta, what lovely compliments - thank you so very much. I always feel blessed to have such nice friends visiting with me here. I hope your sister makes you the sweater! Coco

  5. I find that leaving sewing for awhile helps when those waddders come along as they always do. Knitting is relaxing. Enjoy!

    1. Will do, Donna. I'm knitting all day today, except for a quick hop to JoAnns for some zippers early this morning - it's senior discount day! Apparently I can't even think about sewing without getting more supplies in order - I'm getting ready to do some trousers next and need a 6" zipper. Of course I only have 7" and 12" zippers in the loft :-) I need a storage shed...

  6. Pretty cardigan and lovely bag, that is a great way to house knitting needles. I haven't knitted in a while, but house my knitting needles and crochet hooks in various gift boxes that at one time had wine bottles in them. I also have the knitting needle cases from knit picks.


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