Friday, August 1, 2014

Still celebrating - my Fourth of July dress!

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - with Alexander Henry lovelies! What a way to celebrate. This dress was meant to be my July garment of the month, but I was out of commission until mid-month. No problem - it'll be great for any of our patriotic holidays.

Obviously I love Butterick 5881, the Katherine Tilton layered dress. This is my third dress version (one and two), and I've done a tunic from the top layer as well.

Waiting in the loft is another version for fall, done in a knit. It's already sewn and is really different.

None of mine look quite like the original pattern! I've never done one with the pieced top layer. I spent hours redrafting a one-piece top layer when I first got the pattern - I just like it better.

The trick with this version was figuring out where to put the print. Ummm. I think I did pretty well!

Little details: I've not used the placket on the front or shirring on the back. To replace the latter, I've centered a contrast patch with 3 lines of inserted elastic.

The underdress is white poly/cotton broadcloth, with the attached skirt in contrast fabric. I'm so sorry I don't have a pic of the underdress, but it's cut just like the leopard spot dress (version two referenced above). These opposing hems are so interesting and kind of sassy.

This pattern really is such fun to wear!

Hoping everyone enjoys a nice weekend - Bye for now! Coco


  1. I do love it! Patriotic is good anytime, IMO. :)

  2. Cute dress and you look great in it.

  3. oh this is just too much fun entirely! and there's something extra-sweet about a dress that's a 'fun' one but also looks so great on the person, seems like it's quite the trick to pull both goals off at once :)

    Have you sent this post to Katherine Tilton? I think she'd get such a kick out of what you've done with her dress! and you're reminding me that i have this pattern myself and could really use a dress or two of it myself...i've been on the hunt for fabric but you show me i need to keep a more open mind ;) have fun Coco!! steph

  4. There aren't too many people who could take a print like that and turn it into a fun dress like you have - bravo.

  5. Love that hunk of Burnin' Love motif, Coco!

  6. VERY cute and I agree with Steph...Katherine Tilton should see it.

  7. Love it!! Such a cute dress. I should pick up that pattern, it looks SO comfy!

  8. Thank you all for the lovely compliments! It really is a fun wonky kind of dress. As for Katherine Tilton - well, after I blog the version that's in the wings, maybe I'll send her a link! And if you're thinking about sewing this, I really do recommend it. So different.

  9. I love the changes you have made to this pattern. While K. Tilton designs are interesting to me, and I buy them, there are often too many details for my style. I am more interested in tackling this dress now that I have seen your versions.


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