Friday, December 7, 2012

Discount days...

Shareable fun (can't blog my holiday gift projects...). Yesterday was Senior's Discount Day at JoAnn's. I've never gone before, but decided to fight the crowds for 20% off my purchase. Crowds? Ummm. Apparently I am one of only a handful of  women and men over the age of 60 in Broward County, Florida, who sew and shop at JoAnn's. It was really kind of nice. The store was empty!

From the Red Tag table, a beautiful slubbed and flecked grey polyester/linen knit. I've already washed and dried it. Yes, I put it in the dryer, because it said line dry, and I won't line dry it for the pre-wash. If it is going to be difficult, I want to know before I put in hours of love! It emerged feeling wonderful, very soft. And it has no twist at all. I was really leery because it is poly, but quality won out. It is straight, selvage to selvage.

I have a  new pattern in mind for this knit. Love the simple lines and the surprise keyhole back.

Butterick 5837

The green and black plaid is homespun. I was looking for exactly this fabric! a bright green plaid  done with black, not navy, so that I can coordinate it with black leggings. I got the last of the bolt, so others may have had the same thing in mind. Another new pattern:

McCalls 5925

And the seam roll is something I've been wanting for ages. I have a ham, do not know why I've taken so long to get the seam roll. I grit my teeth every time I am faced with a sleeve or pants leg. Now solved.

Did you notice the grid in the background? Love it! A 39" x 72" cutting board that folds up to 39" x 14", so it will slip into the pantry. It fits my dining table beautifully. Oops...there I go borrowing the entire house for my sewing again. But it is really nice and for only $9 - what a deal, what a steal.

I've been busy! In the middle of all this, we have those wonderful pattern sales online. Who could resist $.99 and $1.99 sales? Not me. Some of these patterns have great elements, even if I don't use the pattern as it comes. More new to the stash...

Butterick 5528

Butterick 5744 

McCalls 6203

Vogue 8668 OOP

Vogue 8771

Vogue 8827

I'm back to my holiday gift projects, but am keeping a lookout for post-season selfish sewing :-)

Ciao! Coco


  1. Oh, I can already see you in Vogue 8827- you will look ethereal! I love it!

  2. Nothing like buying pressies for yourself - good for you! And I second prttynpnk - you will look divine in 8827.


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