Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Keyka Lou Clutch Handbag

This looks very suspicious to me...particularly since my sewing machine conked out on Sunday! Had a fit is more like it - threw a part and grew a bulge in the housing! So weird. Actually, I take very good care of my sewing machines. I think that sewing on a very basic machine for 6 - 8 hours a day pretty much explains its demise :-) It was worn out.

What is a sewist to do? Why, order a new machine of course! It's coming today, a Singer Quantum Stylist 9960. Super excited. It has lots of stitches and gadgets and things for me to explore :-) And I expect it will last a bit longer than my last machine.

Meanwhile...a project for Priss the IKEA SY- the Keyka Lou clutch with inset zipper! I downloaded the pattern and purchased the colorful set of 12" zippers from Pink Chalk.

This is a fun project that uses almost no fabric. The pattern actually includes templates for two sizes:
Clutch: 11" wide x 6.75" high (28cm x 17cm)
Pouch: 8" wide x 5" high (20cm x 13cm)

I opted for the clutch, they are so 'in' right now! Here is the shell, with the zipper inserted,

Kanji Keepsake Calico, JoAnns
Shelburne Calico Gardens. red dot, Windham Fabrics

And the lining. I added a cell phone and miscellaneous pocket to one side. Got to have these!

American Jane Petit Poulet Stripe, Moda Fabrics

I used Pellon 808 Craft Fuse interfacing on the shell pieces, and a sewed a linen blend interlining on the lining pieces. The goal was to have a bag that doesn't flop when it's clutched or opened - my combination worked out perfectly!

A peek inside - and you can see how the zipper is inset about 1 1/2". I think this looks very smart...

Love my new clutch! This might be a nice holiday gift item...
Bye for now, I'm going outside to flag down any UPS truck I see - Coco!


  1. Lyd...as always, your work is the "bomb"!!
    Love this clutch....I want
    to be on your
    gift list!! xoxo Lj

  2. You really do need a new sewing machine. BTW, nice clutch!

    1. Thanks for the link to Brother - they are nice machines. The model shown looks a lot like my IKEA, which is a fun little machine for travel and backup.

  3. I love this clutch---the Japanese motif is so cool. Lucky lady to get a whole new machine!! Have a delightful time getting acquainted with it.

    1. Hi Mary! I am having such a good time...had no idea what a difference there is between a 'low-end' machine and one that is a bit more of an investment. It almost sews itself! What a joy. Clutch would look great with your Tilton jacket. Talk about cool...

  4. I love your clutch too - I have some material with asian symbols on it so hopefully there will be some leftovers to copy this idea.


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